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Who Runs Bleep Stores Websites?

This store is managed by Ochre Stores on behalf of the Store Owner.

Who Handles Customer Support for This Store?

Ochre support staff can assist with any issues regarding your order. You can contact them using the email or by clicking Contact Support at the bottom of the page.

How Can I Contact the Store Owner?

You can contact the owner directly via the About page. If you have any queries regarding your purchases on the store, or products that the store sells please contact Ochre directly by emailing

The File Types You Can Download: MP3, WAV and FLAC


Ochre stores MP3s are very high quality, encoded to using the LAME codec (program), widely acknowledged as the best MP3 encoder available.


WAV files are uncompressed lossless files. This is the same quality as on a CD.


Ochre stroes only sells 16-bit FLAC files.

FLAC files are the same quality as WAV files however they are compressed, so are a smaller file size. FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec and is an open source format. For more information about this visit: Sourceforge.

Please note iTunes DOES NOT support the playback of FLAC files. There are extensions to iTunes that allow the playback of FLAC files. and lots of other media players available that support this file format. For example: VLC.

24-bit WAV

Selected titles on the store are available in 24-bit WAV.

The 24-bit master is produced in the mastering of the release and is the highest quality we can provide. We do not do any encoding or compressing of these WAV files.

We get these files from various sources; labels, artists, and distributors, this means there are varying sampling rates. We always offer the highest bit rate we can get hold of.

There is a lot written about sampling rates and which is best, it is always important to remember that: the sampling rate can only be as high as the original recording, and the difference may not be discernible on all stereos, speakers, and human ear.

Please be aware the file size is considerably larger than the 16-bit version and there will be compatibility issues with some music players. 24-bit WAV files will not play and may cause problems with earlier generation iPods and some other MP3 and media players. There is no tagging on WAV files so all track information is indicated using the file name.

We offer the chance to download any lower or equivalent quality formats once a 24-bit format is purchased.

Regional Restrictions for Digital Music

Due to licensing restrictions we are unable to sell some releases in some countries. We are expanding the range of what we can sell all the time.

Digital Rights Management

Digital Rights Management (DRM) are methods used to stop unauthorised usage or copying of media files. Ochre music files have no DRM or copy protection built in – we strongly believe that people should be treated as customers and not potential criminals.

Downloading from Ochre Stores

How Do I Download My Releases?

To view your music purchases, go to the Music section of your account. To download, click on the download button for each release (and format) you wish to download, then click the big download button that appears at the top of the page to download a ZIP containing all the selected releases. The download will then start in a pop-up window

If you wish to download individual tracks, select Track View and click the download button for each track you wish to download. Again, you can select one or more, and then download all tracks as a ZIP by clicking the big download button.

The Ochre download service should download to all computers. Mobiles and tablets running the Android platform should work running Firefox. Downloading to Apple mobiles and tablets is not possible. Please just download to a computer and transfer.

Download Problems

Slow Download Speeds

If are experiencing slow downloads, cancel it and restart from the Downloads section of your account. If on restarting it is not faster please let us know by emailing

I Have a Glitch in My Download

If you find a glitch or sonic artefact in your download please let us know immediately. We need to replace it as soon as possible. Please get in contact through the support system or email: Please remember to let us know what release and track you have a problem with and ideally where in the track it is (in minutes and seconds).

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